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Services Offered:

Oil Changes –
Some think that with an oil change there’s a simple drain and new oil put in the engine. Here at KC’s Downtown Auto we know how integral general maintenance is to the health of your vehicle. While we are doing an oil change we will do a full check up on your vehicle to make sure everything else is in good shape. This includes your tires, brakes, all fluid levels.

Car mechanic changing oil - model and oil motion blurred.


Tire Changes & Repairs – 

Is it time to replace those old, worn out tires; or maybe there’s a tire that just seems to keep going flat.  Stop in, and let us take a look.  We have multiple vendors to supply us with the highest quality tires you could ask for.  We can also fix those holes in your tires.  We’re here to help you with those problematic tires


Computer Diagnostics – 

If that check engine light came on we can tell you the cause.  We have the newest technology that can scan the internal computer and read those codes to tell us what the problem is.  We’ll fix the problem, and get that light out and get you on your way.


Wheel Alignments – 

If that vehicle seems to be puling one way or the other stop in.  We have the equipment to do both 2-wheel and 4-wheel alignments utilizing a Hunter Alignment machine.


Brakes –

If those brakes are squealing, or the vehicle seems to vibrate when you touch the brakes it may be time to replace your brake pads or rotors.  Stop in and we’ll take a look.  We can replace them and get you back on the road.


Engine & Transmission Replacement – 

Whether you just dropped the transmission, or you shot the rod straight through the block, we’ve got your back.  We can replace both and we’ll make it as painless as can be in this tough time.

All Major Engine Repair –

Anything that you’re car or truck needs, we’ll get it done in a timely manner.